My students sing a wide variety of music, from Art Song to Musical Theater, from Italian arias to jazz. 

Whatever you sing, you’ll learn healthy techniques based on classical singing practices. 

Among many other skills, I teach my students:

  • How to find your own singing voice

  • How to practice

  • Basic music theory, including ear training and sight reading

  • Storytelling through music

  • How to prepare for auditions

Students also have several opportunities to perform in Studio Rep Classes,informal House Concerts, and a Formal Spring Recital.

A lot of what I teach comes through the lens of the Feldenkrais Method — that is, I foster exploration, curiosity and creativity. I came to the Method through my own training as a singer.  Suddenly, my voice simply... emerged.  Simply, easily and beautifully! I realized that I no longer got in my own way, and that I could fully connect both with myself and my audiences. The resulting change in my singing was greater than any I had experienced.  My own voice continues to improve as I grow in this work.