I had chronic illness for 4 years, and pain and tension in my shoulders. I had given up, wasn’t even trying to fix it. Within a few sessions I carried myself differently, and had no more pain. It happened quite quickly and easily. It’s one of the most relaxing things, and you walk away with amazing results!
— Carmen

My posture was so straight, it was incredible! I felt like I could run 10 times faster, like when you get a new pair of sneakers. This class really made an impact.
— Lee Ann

Finding Sharon was like finding the missing link to years of bodywork. It brought together my practice of yoga, massage and acupuncture creating a new level of physical, mental and emotional freedom.

It is a gift that at almost 60 years of age I have found a renewed sense of vitality and energy by shifting ingrained body patterns that where developed out of need but are no longer needed. To dance through my work and to flow through my day has had a profound effect on me.

I went to Sharon for specific pain issues and have come away with a new image of myself. It was not what I expected or was even looking for. I am grateful for the work and the wisdom that Sharon has brought into my life.
— Marlaine

When I began the Feldenkrais Method I was experiencing a lot of pain in my hips, had difficulty walking and generally felt stiff all over. I was taking anti-inflammatory drugs regularly.

I attended six Awareness Through Movement sessions and felt much improvement. I then decided to pursue more frequent individual sessions and enrolled in the Functional Integration program. After ten sessions, I am standing straight and tall and feel very comfortable and stable walking. My range of motion has improved significantly and I only take anti-inflammatory drugs occasionally.

I can attest that small gentle movements produce great benefits.
— Barbara

I was having constant pain in my hand, wrist, and arm. After six months, the pain in my hand occurred only infrequently. The process of change through awareness is something you have to experience to believe.
— Erica

As a violinist, the work has not only sped my recovery from injury, but greatly enhanced my sense of physical integrity, ease and grace—even with an activity as “unnatural” as playing the violin!
— Ingrid Matthews, performs on Baroque and classical violin and is the Music Director of the Seattle Baroque Orchestra

I had suffered with chronic shoulder and arm pain that had developed into severe numbness and tingling. Nothing I did brought me any long-term relief until I started with Feldenkrais®. Through a series of Feldenkrais lessons, the chronic pain, numbness, and tingling resolved. More importantly, I learned how to manage and maintain my body to avoid these problems in the future.
— Ruth