Wow! I am floored.

Just two weeks after seeking community support to help launch Flight Voice Studio, we have just $200 left to meet our $3000 fundraising goal. 

*EDITED to note: as of the time of publication we have MET our $3000 goal! Let's keep going!(read on to follow our progress! Click here to donate now!)

Already, the generous support of this community has allowed me to secure the necessary legal and insurance protections that are so vital to working with youth. I am conducting final interviews this week and next, and before long, this dream will be a reality! 

My heart is singing it's gratitude!

My heart is singing it's gratitude!

To those who have contributed either financially or by sharing the information about this campaign, THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart. I have shed tears of grateful joy these past few weeks as I read the kind words you have written with your donations and facebook posts. I am humbled and honored. It is my honor and privilege to work with these talented young people, and to hear it echoed back through the community’s support is priceless. 

While I would certainly consider this a successful campaign, we aren’t quite there yet! We are falling just short of our goal. There’s $200 left to raise. 25% of any contributions received above and beyond that amount will go into our scholarship fund that allows families access to this high quality vocal instruction who otherwise wouldn't not be able to afford it. The remaining 75% will go toward securing a central location in downtown Ithaca and launch phase 2 in 2018. 

Talent and musical potential know no socio-economic bounds. The unfortunate reality is that the arts are seriously underfunded. It is up to us as a community to support Performing Arts Education. If you could take a moment to share this email within your circles, it would go a long way to help put the cherry on top and help support these kids. 

In eternal gratitude,

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