Seeking community support to launch Flight Voice Studio

We're so close to getting this thing off the ground! Help us out with a little extra push. 

We're so close to getting this thing off the ground! Help us out with a little extra push. 

Just $3000 stands in the way of Flight Voice Studio, a place where local youth become deeply aware of their internal voice and allow it to emerge in song. 

Can you help?

Every donation, no matter how small, helps further our progress. But for those of you who can give a little more, there are some really juicy perks to express my thanks, and even some that will help you regain your contribution in just over a year. More details about them below.

It is a powerful thing, learning to give voice to what is inside of us. Help these young people express what is inside them through the power of music.

It is with a grateful and full heart that I thank you for your contribution.

Fundraising Goal: $3000 for final start up costs to launch Flight Voice Studio

Our community support campaign will run throughout the month of August. 

Any donation amount can be made here

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Donation Perks: 

All donations get an exclusive “I launched Flight Voice Studio” bumper sticker just as soon as the logo and branding work is complete. All donations over $50 receive a 1 oz bag of Sing and Heal herbal tea. 

$50 - Flight of Fancy

1 oz bag of Sharon’s tasty Sing and Heal herbal tea blend - specially formulated for singers’ health

$75 - Flight Feathers (25 available)

Sharon will create and sing an original outgoing voice mail message just for you

$100 - Wind Beneath our Wings (10 available)

5% off of 5 lessons with Flight Voice Studio

$500 - Fairy Godparent (5 available)

10% off voice lessons with Flight Voice Studio for 3 years!

$1000 - Angel (3 available)

25% off voice lessons with Flight Voice Studio for life!

Donations can be made online here. OR checks* can be sent to: Body Song, 14 Porter Hill Rd. Ithaca, NY 14850

* if paying with a check at a level with limited availability, please contact me asap at to secure your donation perks

What will these funds be used for? 

Donations go toward final start-up costs to ensure all t’s are crossed and i’s dotted. This is SO important when working with youth! Insurance premiums, legal infrastructure in place, and finalizing the training process for new faculty are a few of the things that need an extra little push. These monies will also help get the word out with marketing campaigns to ensure long lasting success. Just $3000 will be the final push we need to make all of this happen

What if we raise more than $3000?

25% of the amount over $3000 will go toward our scholarship fund that helps low income families afford high quality private instruction. The remaining 75% will create a Nest Egg to launch the next phase in the Fall of 2018.

What is the next phase? 

Looking ahead to 2018 - 19 academic year, we plan to secure a convenient location in downtown Ithaca, add group voice classes, master’s classes, and even opportunities for ongoing acting training.

About the Studio

My students learn to become exquisite instruments expressing the magic of music – connecting to themselves and to the world around them. It takes hard work, dedication, and hours upon hours of practice, lesson time, group work, and performance opportunities to make a successful singer. And it pays off! Studio alumni often go on to study music and musical theater at the nations top schools (Ithaca College, CCM, Hartt, Manhattan School of Music are some of the schools that have accepted our alumni). Several Body Song graduates are now launching professional performance careers. As their teacher, I am secure in the knowledge that the healthy foundation they learned with me will help ensure a strong singing voice for years to come. At Flight, beginning students will develop and hone these essential foundational skills with our Junior Voice Faculty (trained and overseen by me). As skill level increases, there will be opportunities to move up into more advanced work with Sharon. 

For over 16 years, I have taught healthy and embodied singing techniques across a spectrum of musical styles under Body Song Voice Studio. It is time to pass on my knowledge and unique approach to embodied singing to more teachers, and reach more talented young people. And the community is ready! Nearly every week, I am contacted by a new family seeking this unique approach to voice lessons. With this growing demand, I am rebranding Body Song to focus on body work exclusively, and refocusing my work with singers into Flight Voice Studio. I can finally say YES to them all (The waiting list is now over 16 students)!

But I can’t do it without your help.

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