Sharon's Story


"What brought you to the Feldenkrais Method?"

I get asked that a lot. I came to the Feldenkrais Method at first as a young singer. Studying vocal performance at a prestigious school, I was certain I was destined to be an opera singer. I was young, and full of dreams and ambition.

I also had intense back pain, and regularly had to rest for days at a time before I could walk without intense pain.  

Now, I was utilizing the Feldenkrais Method in my voice lessons with Carol McAmis (also a GCFP), and had experienced just how effortless singing could be. When I uncovered, bit by bit, a physical organization that was more efficient, my sound blossomed!

It felt awesome! Powerful. Effortless.

As a singer, I was hooked. 

But that's not what lead me to become a practitioner myself. 

No, my journey to study with David Zemach-Bersin at what would be come the Feldenkrais Institute of New York began in the midst of one of those back spasms.

I had just graduated from college with a ton of student loan debt. I had a music degree, and like any good musician, was working as a waitress by night and a barista by day to pay the bills. I had no health insurance, and I threw my back out.

I couldn't move. 

And if I couldn't move, I couldn't work. And if I couldn't work,  those student loans... you know where this is going. 

I called Carol for help. 

She gave me an Functional Integration session and by the end, I could walk again. I was amazed. I was also certain I would learn to do that magical thing Carol did for me. 

So I did. I finished my training program in 2006, graduating with the New York 1 class. Since then, with many many Advanced Trainings, and intensive study and clinical observation with Sheryl Field, I too have learned to have "magic hands" and strive to put them to good use. 

The bottom line is that I love helping people feel better.

I love that my knowledge of herbal medicine and anatomy allow me to support my clients lead healthier, more functional lives. 

My life would not be complete without it. I love what I do. I hope you do too!


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