Celebrating 10 Years in Practice


I can hardly believe that 10 years has gone by since I graduated from my Feldenkrais Training program and launched Body Song. I couldn't have done it without the wonderful students and clients that make each and every day rewarding, fulfilling, and life-affirming.

It hasn't always been easy growing a business, introducing the Feldenkrais Method to a community that (largely) didn't know what the heck I was talking about, and learning to do all the little business tasks that make things run smoothly (like setting up and writing this here blog). The truth is, I LOVE what I do. I always leave work happier and brighter knowing that I've made a positive impact in someone's life.

To celebrate 10 years of hard work, dedication, growth, and continued learning, I am offering a 10% discount on Feldenkrais Functional Integration sessions throughout the month of May. Just use the coupon code HAPPY10 when you check out online. 

Oh, I baked you some almond rosemary shortbread cookies to celebrate too. ;) (that recipe is coming your way soon! Stay tuned...). 

Enjoy one with a cup of my custom blended herbal tea, and a sweet blossom to brighten your day.