Make me feel vital. Make me feel pretty.

I've been seeing a lot of feet lately.

That is, feet who belong to women that are dissatisfied with them.

Their feet are unsightly, painful, disfigured. They have had joints removed, bunions shaved off. They come to me with aching feet, backs, necks and shoulders. Many of these women have been long term high heel wearers. They have prioritized something outside of their own comfort for too long and are now paying the price. We live in a culture that insists that we suffer for fashion. One that insists that as soon as you need to chose a "comfort shoe" you are no longer a vital and beautiful woman. One that suggests women's true power comes only atop a 3 inch stiletto. 

In fact, studies show that women in heels have more power over men. Wearing high heels makes us feel powerful and sexy all at once. But what happens when we can't rock those stilettos anymore? What happens to our powerful, sexy, beautiful and vital self image? 

Many women simply shift to a 'comfort shoe.' I know. I know! It's like a dirty word. Does anyone really want to wear orthodic footwear? And if you must, can you still feel powerful and relevant in today's culture? Luckily shoe companies are responding by making fashionable high heels that are actually comfortable. The comfort shoe is where the women's footwear market has grown most in the past few years. And it's making headlines. Check out this piece that aired on NPR not that long ago as part of a special series "The Changing Lives of Women." 

But what if you don't want to give up your collection of statement heels? What if you want to be able to wear those sexy shoes, even occasionally? Or even more importantly, what if you want to simply not live in pain any more? Because you have a right to that. We all do. And we all inherently have the tools we need to make long lasting change, no matter what shoes we wear. We just need someone to help us learn how. 

So what of the women who come to see me? With the Feldenkrais Method I help them learn to organize their whole body more efficiently so that those poor tootsies aren't having to do all the work themselves. We talk about what shoes to look for. What movements they can practice on their own to help them maintain their health and comfort. 

And they walk out happier. 

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