Body Song

Feldenkrais • Herbal Medicine


Functional Integration

Sharon has helped a wide variety of people: performers, athletes, elders, and children. She has helped introduce freedom and mobility to people with chronic pain, arthritis, as well as people recovering from injury, trauma, and surgery.



Herbal Medicine

Sharon has been studying plant medicine since 2007. She is a graduate of Heartstone Herbal School Apprenticeship Program and has studied with some of the world’s foremost herbal medicine practitioners such as Dr. Aviva Romm, Rocio Alarcon, and Chris Marano among others. A foodie at heart, she believes that medicine can taste as good as it feels, and uses plants to nourish the whole self from the inside out. 



After 10 years of requests as the Heartstone Herbal School's "Food Goddess," Sharon is finally working on a cookbook! 

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